Rules and Regs of the Kawasaki Mailing List

Welcome to the The Kawasaki KZ/GPz/ZR/ZN 650/750 and Derivatives Mailing List,

You may subscribe to this list in one of three ways:

Business First: IIf you have bikes pics (or other pics!) that you want to share with the group, go to choose the "Member Logon" and upload some pictures and your story, this will post them to the photo gallery on Maarten's website at . Alternately, put them on a website and post the URL, but REFRAIN FROM MAILING THE PICS TO THE ENTIRE GROUP. In fact, you can't send images and other binaries to the group - it's been disallowed on the server side.

Some mail services limit the size of each incoming message and graphics take up a lot of bandwidth...and disk space. Also, most people access their email accounts with dial-up connections. Graphics take a lot of time to download.

2nd item of business: text-only messages PLEEAASE. HTML / Rich-text messages take up a lot of extra bandwidth, can be used to transmit viruses, and really mess up the harmony of the digest subscribers - they can't read their mail.

This list is "exclusive" which means that only list members using a SPECIFIC EMAIL ADDRESS (the one to which THIS message was sent) may post messages to and receive messages from it.

ARCHIVES! There is a browsable archive for this mailing list.

To access it, you will need your email address (you've got that already) and your Confirmation ID (you probably don't have that).

To retrieve your Confirmation ID, send an email to with the single line

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Once you've received your Confirmation ID, go to, scroll down, and click on "Mailing Lists". Click on "kawasaki" and enter your email address and Confirmation ID when prompted.
NOTE: Your Confirmation ID changes if you should be unsubscribed and then resubscribed

Occasionally, you may receive a "WARNING" message informing you that messages to you have bounced and that, at 50 bounces, you will be unsubscribed. Merely hit "reply" and "send" to set the counter back to zero.


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